Next Meeting:

APRIL 5th,2022

Hi Everyone, 

We will be having a meeting April 5th at the school - 8400 W. Burleigh Street, Milwaukee, WI 53222.

Greg Waugh President of Pacific Lock will be going a presentation for that meeting. Greg will be bringing some free samples to give away. 

Mark your calendar and please make the time. 

- President Jim Swift

Upcoming Events:

IDN Milwaukee TradeShow 2022 SaveTheDate

Members please remember this chapter is here for you the members and we will continue to be successful. We will need every ones participation and ideas to make this an exciting group and exciting meetings.  

Please tell your fellow institutional locksmith about the ILA/ Beer City Chapter and have them come to our meetings. If anyone has any contact names, addresses and phone numbers please forward them to me.  I will make contact with them and tell them about our chapter.

- President Jim Swift 

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